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Floods in Cannes

This Sunday, October 4, 2015, the French Riviera wakes up from a night of nightmare. Heavy rains that come to fall on the Alpes-Maritimes took everything in their path. Twenty people died during this flooding.

The migrants uprising

They said "no." No, they won’t return back. Repulsed to the Franco-Italian border, over an hundred of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa and from the Middle East decided on Thursday, June 11, 2015 to move no more.

The rugby of slum

In Madagascar, Santoni Ismael Rakotomanga, aka "Santo", helps and educates the children of slum, thanks to sport. This former captain of the national rugby team, is a landmark, a real salvation for them.

In the shoes of a « Dirty Drag Queen »

Their names are Evan, William or Tim. Most are gay "males", but there are also "females" and trans. Drag Queen, Drag King or Bio Queen: it doesn't matter to them. When they get dressed to "perform", it is to "have fun with the illusion of identity".

Antananarivo’s stone-cutter

The Bemasoandro career, just outside of Antananarivo, capital of Madagascar. In this big hole of granite, the sound of the chisel against the rock is uninterrupted.

Auschwitz with students

With two hundreds french students, Salome, a young french jewish girl, faces the horror of the death camps, Auschwitz, in the freezing winter of Poland.

Election Day

Heat, beers and a woman to run the country. In the bars of Capitol Hill, the artsy heart of the very progressive city of Seattle, the evening of the November 8th election should be festive. Then Trump wins Florida... Cold shower.

Women of the coal mine

They are only a dozen in Europe. Semsa is one of them. In the city of Breza, Bosnia and Herzegovina, , this fifty-years-old woman dives each day in one of the hoses of the coal mine "Sretno". "Good luck" in Bosnian.

Fishing with Pete

At Fishermen's terminal, in Seattle, everybody knows Pete. For decades, he has chosen sustainable fisheries and stand up to the multinationals. « I just respect fish » explains this smiling fisherman, who teaches… Anthropology.